Chris Panatier
Across the Ocean- (Unreleased) 2013

The Catharsis- O'Recluse 2012 SINGLE
The Catharsis- Romance 2013

Coraxo- Neptune 2015
Coraxo- Sol 2017

Desolated- The Sixth Day 2011 EP
Desolated- The Judas Verse 2012
Desolated- Disorder of Mind 2013
Desolated- Fear of Life 2014 SINGLE
Desolated-The End 2015

Devin Dawson - Dark Horse 2018

Dopelord- Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult 2014
Dopelord- Dopelord/Major Kong Split EP 2015

Dynahead- Chordata I 2012
Dynahead- Chordata II 2013

Eyes Like Knives- (Unreleased) 2013

Forced Kill- (Unreleased) 2014

Hogbitch- Hogbitch 2013
Hogbitch- (Unreleased) 2014

*Letters from the Colony" - Vignette 2018

Life To Lead- 2013 SINGLE

Outlived- Cessation 2012 DEMO

Proud Peasant- Flight 2013
Pushed Mind- Bete Noir 2012

Sumeru- Holy Lands 2014

Sensorial Damage - Buried Memories 2017

So This Is Suffering - Palace of the Pessimist 2017

Totem Skin - Weltschmerz 2015


The Devourers - Novel by Indra Das, Random House 2016
HEADCHEESE- Novel by Jess Hagemann, Cinestate 2018
The Phlebotomist- Novel by Chris Panatier, Angry Robot 2020
Featured - The Skull Sourcebook, 2016 p. 232
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