Chris Panatier
Dark MotherElegy for the WickedAdvent WitchFOUR SIGILS SUMMONThe Eighth FathomFloraunaStalemateCapture RadiusEntropy of DominionDescent by PurificationDaughter of AnnihilationCanon of BetrayalFRANKENSWINEThe Nascency of AdamCrystal Demons WeSpeak, Friend, & EnterThe Gauntlet of Death's InertiaResolve in the Tempest of FamineBethorConfluence and UnionCarnage ConcubineThe Scribe of HadesSentry of TomorrowThe Scribe of HadesIGNITE/EXTINGUISHThe Quiet Terror of AutonomyLords of the Trophic CascadeDREAMCATCHERCAELUM: HEAVENINFERNO: HELLMortis: DeathAEVITAS: LIFEFall of JotunIf the World Should End in Fire-Pallbearers' ConfrontationMindstripperCommunionSummonere de BelialState of NatureNighttime Cometh -FrontNighttime Cometh -BackPork SlayerProcess of Infinity-FlightProcess of Infinity-FallProcess of Infinity-Dreeing the WeirdThe Needle CoronationPig WitchSpirit ForgeWeed DemonDepressionHooksMistakes of Evolution 3Mistakes of Evolution 2Mistakes of Evolution 1Sea JesusAbandonedTrillium GrandiflorumHeptasaur
Ink and Watercolor