Chris Panatier
Winter's BaronessWhere I WentWhat Could Have BeenVisitationVenisonUniversal RecipientUnder All the Folds of the Dresses That You WearTrenchfaceThe GazeThe Fists Float Through MeThe End at the Speed of LightThe Cotton MandateSubject, LocationSnap BackSlickSleep is the Cousin of DeathSignificant OtherShroud of the Mid CenturyPur Autre ViePremonitionPractice Makes PresentPoppies and SunlightPearlOh So ComposedOctaves of SleepytimeNeopolitanMutinyM-80Lead us NotHer Taste in Music was AwfulGuild of ForfeitGift Wrapped Goat GirlGhostsFeastEvent HorizonExitEmbrace in Fiction MemorialEmanthropologyDeflower, DevourDefenderBody of ChristAcross the Threshold of UnderstandingA Quiet Corner
Figurative Oil